Our map search tool is another way to find out which plants can be found in which areas of our gardens. Take a look at the example below to help you understand the basics of searching by map. When you’re ready to do your own search, go to the Map Search.


Please note that when you first open the map, the data shown on the map is just a small, representative, subset of the data available (there is far too much to show on one map). The number of records plotted at any one time has an upper limit which defaults to around 5,000 (though there is an option to increase this limit up to a maximum of 30,000) so be aware that data returned from defined search areas that contain more than the record limit may not contain all of the plants available for that area.

You can hover your mouse over any plotted point to see a data summary at the top of the map or left-click the plotted point to open a report that will show all available information for that record.